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River Dredging

Desassoreamento de RioDredging is an excavation activity carried out at underwater areas with the purpose of gathering up bottom sediments (silt, sludge, sand) from rivers, lakes and ponds, using hydraulic dredges such as suction dredgers and disposing them at a different location.

Everywhere, rivers, lakes, ponds and headwaters suffer, especially, with the silting problem caused by erosion, deforestation, poor agricultural practices and urban occupations, therefore, dredging is necessary for increasing or stabilizing the underwater depth.

Besides the problem with the silting of rivers, there is also the problem with floods, generally caused by heavy and continuous rains, so that, rivers dredging is an extremely necessary measure.

River dredging involves the removal and transport of sediment by dredge pump and transport tubing. The final disposal of the material can be made on the same river or on its banks, or authorized landfill, when there is the possibility of contamination by dredged material.

Compared to conventional processes, river dredging with suction dredger, has most cost-effective, lower requirements to obtain a license. Thus, when well designed and executed, dredging is a solution that can improve the environmental quality of a water body.

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