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ImpermeabilizaçãoWe perform waterproofing services for underground and hydraulics works, roofing using synthetic membranes (PVC, TPO, HDPE), which adapt easily to locations subject to vibration and movement, ideal for: tunnels, dams, landfills, lakes, tanks , covers, etc.

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Impermeabilização CoberturaBuilding, residence, balconie, terrace. Roof waterproofing is usually to protect the building against infiltration of water and other liquids.

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Impermeabilização SubterrâneaThis waterproofing includes all underground works, such as subways, tunnels, galleries, underground garages, and so on.

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Impermeabilização Hidráulica WWTP, lakes, rivers, tanks. We use as sealing materials, PVC membranes, TPO and HDPE that have suitable waterproofing properties.

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