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BarcoDeveloped exclusively for work in water environments, particularly for cleaning of rivers, lakes, ponds and shipping operations. Besides the comfort and durability, the BPH boats are easy to drive, ideal for aquatic weed removal, and so on.

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AnfíbioDesigned to work on land and water in various operations, such as sludge removal, general usage, removal of aquatic vegetation, etc. Amphibians are equipped with hydraulic system operated by computer that provides stability and comfort on and off the water.

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PVC Membrane

Membrana PVCPVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) is a flexible, thermoplastic-reinforced waterproofing membrane that offers a durable, long lasting solution, excellent chemical resistance, high reflectivity and recyclability.

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TPO Membrane

Membrana TPOWith three layers of protection, the TPO membrane (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) offers the perfect protection and economical solution to your roofing needs.

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HDPE Geomembrane

geomembranaExtruded High-Density Polyethylene-HDPE Geomembrane with both surfaces smooth, with variable thicknesses and widths, for waterproofing applications.


Polyurethane Membrane

Membrana de PoliuretanoPolyurethane waterproofing system consists of a primer coat and three single component polyurethane coats used to waterproofs and protects concrete structures from residential balconies to heavy traffic commercial parking structures.

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Geotextile Tube

tubo-geotextilGeotextile Tube used for dewatering a wide variety of wet slurries, wastes, and sludges; building coastal and river structures for erosion protection; and containing, dewatering and reusing dredged material.

Nonwoven Geotextile


Nonwoven geotextiles manufactured of polypropylene needle punched fibres. These geotextiles are resistant to ultraviolet degradation and biological and chemical environments normally encountered in soils.

Drainage Geocomposite

geocompostoDrainage geocomposites consisting of a high flow rate drainage core coupled on one or both sides with filtering and/or impermeable elements, for various applications with a drainage function.

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