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75 Cv

Motor 75 Cv (Perkins o Iveco)


85 Cv

Motor 85 Cv (Perkins o Iveco)


100 Cv

Motor 100 Cv (Perkins o Iveco)



  • This is linked to a receiver located on the machine. The operator can thus use all the functions of the boat, crawler tractor or amphibious vehicle at a distance of more than 200 metres (more on request).

    The machine can be equipped with a camera, allowing the operator to monitor directly the machine’s movements in the work zone. He can thus control the tool as if he were there.

  • With a 700 litre capacity, the bucket can extract mud, sand or other materials. It is equipped with a galvanised steel cutting edge to increase its service life and provide wider work capabilities.


  • The extraction fork lets BPH (Hydrostatic Carrier Boats) extract plants and roots to avoid regrowth. They can reach 2 to 3 metres in width depending on the type of machine.

    In steel, they can extract a large quantity of plants or other floating objects, and resist impacts.

  • The water weed cutting blade allows you to cut herbaceous and subaquatic plants. It is available in three different types:
    • T-blade: two horizontal sections and two vertical sections driven by two connecting rods coupled to a hydraulic motor.
    • U-blade: a horizontal section and two vertical sections.
    • Cutting blade: One section fixed to a frame used for weed cutting at the water’s surface or on the banks.

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