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Environmental Dredging

Environmental dredging aims the removing of sediment contaminated by organic and inorganic compounds, without resuspension of these contaminants. In environmental dredging there are strict procedures applied to the dredging operation, the transport and management of dredged material, as well as their disposal.
The type of dredge used for environmental dredging are hydraulic dredges ones. Hydraulic dredges are widely used for sludge and sand removal, carrying sediment in liquid form.
A classic example of hydraulic dredge are the suction dredgers, which make dredging with the aid of pumps. These pumps produce a vacuum in the pipe inlet and the pressure forces water and sediment through the pipe.

Dredging applications:

  • Cleaning WWTP 
  • Cleaning tanks, ponds
  • Aquatic vegetation removal and sediment removal
  • To open, lower, deep, enlarge rivers channel
  • Excavation and soil removal
  • Silting issues
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