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Maritime Dredging

Dragagem MarítimaLF Ambiental is a Brazilian leader in dredging of contaminated and uncontaminated materials, it highlights for its technical expertise and own equipment applied to the maritime, port and environmental dredging sector.

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Regular Dredging

draga- Dredging of dams, lakes and canals
- Dredging of sludge tanks
- Bathymetry
- topsoil removal
- Dredging in general

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Dredging with excavator (Dragline)

drag-lineWe provide all kinds of dredging services using excavator (Dragline, Clamshell, Crane). Our core expertise is: cleaning canals, streams, rivers and lakes, removing sludge, clay, gravel and aquatic plants.

Aquatic Weed Removal

Remoção de Plantas AquáticasLF Ambiental has specific equipment for the mechanical removal of aquatic weed. Boats and Amphibious were especially developed for cleaning of rivers, lakes, ponds, and maritime operations.

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Sludge dewatering by Geotextile Tube

desidratacao-lodoThe Geotextile Tube dewatering process consists of multiple cycles of slurry filling and drawdown in order to achieve a desired final volume reduction and solids concentration increase.


Sludge dewatering by Centrifuge

centrifugaMobile centrifugation units that allow the removal and dehydration of sludge in-situ without structural work.

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Liquid Waterproofing

Impermeabilização LíquidaLF Ambiental performs waterproofing services using polyurethane, according to each situation. The application of this liquid polyurethane system is made of multiple coats and can be applied in several concrete surfaces exposed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

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Water Jetting

hidrojatoHigh Pressure Water Jetting is an environmentally friendly cleaning method using water at pressure to clean surfaces and remove unwanted surface materials.


WWTP Management Services


We specialize in WWTP Management Services of private companies and Government Corporations.

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